Why pay the utility for your electricity when you can generate it yourself? Turn your waste roof, unused land and parking space into paying tenant, pay less on energy.

If you invest and own the Solar system yourself, you will have 30% tax credit, Accelerated depreciation benefits and Earn SREC to be sold on the market.

Another widely used option is Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Zero cost to you, we will finance, construct maintenance and operate the system for the entire contract life time. Enjoy the clean energy that will save your electric bill 25% ~ 40%. We will guaranty minimum bill savings always!

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!"

Commercial Showcase

Linwood NJ 900KW Rooftop
Parsippany NJ 160KW Rooftop
Somerset NJ 450KW Carport
Parsippany NJ 120KW Rooftop


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