Solar PV Panels are one of the cleanest sources of alternative Energy. For every 1,000KWh generated by solar PV system avoids sending 0.53 pounds of sulfur dioxide, 0.29 pounds of nitrogen oxides and 999 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Over its 35-year expected life, a 10kW solar panel system will provide equivalent of CO2 reduction as planting 1450 trees.

It's a fact that your electricity bill will always continue to rise unless you make a change. Solar electricity saves money today and offers a sound investment for the future. People choose solar for a variety of reasons. Among the most compelling reason is the financial savings generated by a solar electric system. Solar can eliminate all or part of your electric bill each month, creating huge savings throughout the year. When you invest in solar you also enjoy state incentive of SRECs and federal tax credit, increased home value, making solar an affordable investment with health long-term returns.

It's not all about savings, people are also interested in the independence offered by generating their own power rather relying on utility company. As non-pollution energy, we are proud to contribute to a cleaner environment.

There is enough potential energy in one hour of sunlight to power the electrical needs of the entire world for one year.

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